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Out of Jail, but Still Imprisoned The Medias Impact on Criminal Justice - Free Essay Example

Everyone loves a good crime story, and because of that love, the media loves to rush in immediately to cover the story. Due to the frequent lack of information on a new case, the media tends to start coverage by calling in experts and using generalizations. There is also an unfortunate tendency to skip over the truth in order to further a narrative. The result of such careless behavior is often a rush to judgment. By the time the case actually gets to trial, the public will often have convicted the defendant at least in their minds, so if a jury that has the benefit of hearing all of the evidence decides on a verdict of not guilty, the defendant then has to deal with the fact the public views them as guilty even though they were exonerated. Contrary to the Actual Justice System The problem with the media is that they do not follow the rules of evidence. They tend to pick and choose their facts that support whatever they find politically correct, or worse, they insert they own version of the story that may have little to do with the facts, One of the best examples of this was after the Columbine school shooting when the media created a narrative of jocks versus geeks, and made the story one of bullying. No evidence of bullying ever emerged, but by the time those stories were revealed to be false, the media had moved onto the next big crime story (Cullen, 2009). The media does have a job to do, but it must always be kept in mind that they are ultimately a business and that means they always have to keep an eye on the bottom line. In other words they are driven by an economic motive rather than truly wanting justice to be served accurately (Beale, 2006). This desire for increased ratings has caused the media to overstep its bounds with the results being d isastrous to individuals. People have been tried and found not guilty, but their lives are forever ruined. People have the right to a fair trial, which they may or may not receive once the media meddles with their story. The media is just as culpable when they fire the public up so much that the law enforcement and prosecutors often rush to trial without being fully prepared. Those cases often end in acquittals or hung juries, and justice is not served. Conclusion One of the biggest problems is that the media now has a full twenty-four hours to fill with programming for each day. Both cable channels and internet news sites always want information instantly and the criminal justice system is not best served by rushing the story. The result is that huge errors are made and eventually people find themselves free, but still convicted in the minds of the public. Works Cited Beale, S. S. (2006). The news medias influence on criminal justice policy: How market-driven news promotes punitiveness.? William Mary Law Revue,? 48, 397. Cullen, D. (2009). Columbine. New York: Hachette Book Group. .

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October 10, 2013 I Lost A Family Member Due To Violence

October 10, 2013 I lost a family member due to violence and knew that I had to raise my daughter, Zahylee, differently than my guardians tried raising myself. My interest in becoming an early childhood educator opened a world of courses that I would take to grow as a teacher but more importantly as a parent. I realized the terminology and techniques of early childhood education could help me become the parent I want to be, the authoritative parent. Through the course, Child Growth and Development, I adopted a new outlook of parenting that considered the influence of society and learned to consciously discipline my child. Furthermore, I knew that educating myself would insure a productive environment for my daughter, Zahylee. I started out†¦show more content†¦In the course, Child Growth and Development I learned of three different parenting styles. Authoritarian, a â€Å"parents-know-best† approach to parenting and allows little opportunity for the child to question unreasonable expectations. Authoritarian parents respond to the question â€Å"Why?† by stating â€Å"Because I said so.† After learning more I was shocked to find that this parenting style could cause my child to lack some critical social and communication skills that are important for development of leadership abilities. Neglectful parenting is a style with little engagement between parent and children. Children of neglectful parents tend to have behavior issues due to lack of self-control and lack of interest in following rules. Indulgent parents are more like friends to their children. I had a friend whose mother was indulgent. My friend had no respect for her mother and I would be damned if my daughter lacke d respect for authority. Throughout the course, I learned that I wanted to be an authoritative parent, for the most part. Authoritative parenting style blends a caring tone with structure and consistent limit-setting obedience. This style also allows children to make their own decisions based upon their own reasoning. Children benefit in ways such as emotional regulation, flexible thinking and social competence. As an early childhood educator, I was told that the ideal parenting style is that of an authoritativeShow MoreRelatedThe Case Study of Dr. Albert Lambert1209 Words   |  5 Pages Domestic Violence is a world-wide problem but in America it is amplified with the ready availability of guns as in this article regarding Dr. Albert Lambert of Florida. Dr. Albert Lambert purchased a gun October 6, 2013 and a gun cleaning kit for a 22 caliber ten (10) days prior to the murder of Kimberly Lindsey ( This brutal act of domestic violence leaves three children without a mot her and subsequently a father. This incident has flooded the radio, newspapers, television and internetRead MoreAmerica s Involvement With World Terrorism1476 Words   |  6 Pageswould never be the same, the safe place that we call home would be altered forever. It is thought that Al Qaeda’s involvement with world terrorism can be traced back to 1993. After the United Sates embassy bombings in 1998 where over 220 lives were lost, the FBI put Bin Laden at the top of the ten most wanted list, offering a $25 million reward for his capture. In the year 2001 the United States was not engaged in any wars. Nobody knew about Al Qaeda and ISIS did not exist. But after the attacksRead MoreInnovative Technology: Google Glass Essay1350 Words   |  6 PagesGoogle has made an effort on making a new device called Google Glass, which is innovative device that has people visioning ways to enhance the product by communicating with people but not all are convinced due to the invasive privacy by the documentation of using video recordings at anytime hands free and the safety and health of yourself and your surroundings. It’s also a tool to reduce crime with first person view. Google Glass is a revolutionary new wearable computer communication product. TheRead MoreSchool Violence9005 Words   |  37 PagesI. INTRODUCTION 2 1.1. Rationale 2 1.2. Aims of the Research 3 1.3. Research Questions 3 1.4. Significance of the Research 3 1.5. Limitation of the Research 3 II. LITERATURE REVIEW 4 2.1. Definition 4 2.2. Characteristics 4 2.3. Opinions about School Violence 5 III. METHODOLOGY 6 3.1. Subjects 6 3.2. Scope 6 3.3. Methods 6 3.3.1. Method of Collecting Information 6 3.3.2. Data Collection Instruments 7 IV. FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION 7 4.1. Essence of School Violence 7 Read MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control2296 Words   |  10 PagesGun Control in America In recent years we have seen our nation be split on the issue of gun control. We have seen many violent shootings and innocent people dying because of gun violence. Some Americans believe we need strict gun laws to protect our children and ourselves from these horrific tragedies. Other Americans believes it is our rights as Americans to posses’ guns and we are entitled to that right in our constitution. There are also some Americans that are stuck in the middle and can seeRead MoreThe International Ngo Council On Violence Against Children3963 Words   |  16 Pagesfurther. The lack of appropriate crime prevention efforts, support to parents to ensure a safe family environment, and education and employment opportunities for young people who are old enough to access employment, can lead to imprisonment and recidivism becoming a pattern for young people who are left with few opportunities to re-shape their future (The International NGO Council on Violence Against Children, 2013) . Criminalization of young people is discretionary as there are no pre-determined imperativesRead MoreBullying in the National Spotlight2365 Words   |  10 Pagesgrowing up, I have had my share of hardships and difficulties with bullies and being bullied. My personal experiences of bulling started early in middle school and continued throughout junior high and high school. Given a small frame and statue, classmates would often create pranks targeting me. The pranks didn’t the start out as f bulling; name calling started early on my school career. Names such as four eyes, studderbox, nerd, mute, Steve Urkel, were just some of the many names I endured whileRead MoreWhy Guns Should Be Banned9306 Words   |  38 Pagesmillion guns owned by the police, also in the USA. In 2009, gun deaths actually outraced motor vehicle deaths in 10 US states. The 20% of gun owners possess 60% of all guns in the USA. Gun violence and gun control have been in the news a lot lately. This is because of the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot twenty children, six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his mother at their home. Later on he committed suicide. Since the mass shootingRead MoreWhy Guns Should Be Banned9315 Words   |  38 Pagesmillion guns owned by the police, also in the USA. In 2009, gun deaths actually outraced motor vehicle deaths in 10 US states. The 20% of gun owners possess 60% of all guns in the USA. Gun violence and gun control have been in the news a lot lately. This is because of the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot twenty children, six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his mother at their home. Later on he committed suicide. Since the mass shootingRead MoreA Research Project On Immigration Detention Centers9708 Words   |  39 PagesNational University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of: Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management May 2017 By Hugh H. Scully II Instructor: James Sytsma â€Æ' SENIOR RESEARCH PROJECT APPROVAL FORM I certify that I have read the project of Hugh H. Scully II entitled instructions for the preparation of the Senior Research Project and that, in my opinion; it is satisfactory in scope and quality for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and

Dreamworks - the Management of Technology and Human Resources. free essay sample

DreamWorks The management of technology and human resources. The purpose of this paper is to assess the organizing management function of DreamWorks as related to technology resources and human resources, and whether or not the company has optimized these assets for effectiveness and efficiency. Profile DreamWorks is a private entertainment company that produces and distributes popular films, television shows, and music. According to Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen (Reference for Business, 2011,  ¶. ,) the vision was to create an artist-friendly studio to develop, produce, and distribute superior film and music entertainment that would inspire and delight the world. Technology DreamWorks animation pushes the boundaries of technology. The early partnership with Hewlett-Packard allowed DreamWorks to have a tremendous resource, not only in services, in hardware, but in enabling technology solutions for the company’s filmmakers. Through their partnership, DreamWorks with Hewl ett-Packard (HP, 2009, p. 1), have created superior computer-generated animation, and with the latest and greatest technology, brought life to the screen. The company’s creative strength with the power of Hewlett-Packard technology fused to explode in 2009 with the 3-D action movie â€Å"Monsters versus Aliens† (HP, 2009). As stated by Ed Leonard, chief technology officer, â€Å"For us, the 3-D revolution is about immersing the audience into the movie† (HP, 2009,  ¶. 4). DreamWorks and Intel have forged a new alliance to deliver a unique and magical S3D cinema experience. This experience will extend beyond the theater to personal computers and television screens, enabled by Intel InTru 3D technology. This technology is fueled by a new generation of digital theaters, digital cameras, and digital workflow techniques that simplify stereoscopic content creation. Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive officer of animation, has announced that future animated features will be released in both 3D and 2D versions (Intel, 2011). As Intel and Dreamworks continue to refine the next generation pipeline to create stunning S3D works, much of the effort focuses on improving real-time interactivity, and achieving much higher quality, realistic effects. With the nature and structure of the animation pipeline changing (HP, 2009, p. ), the tasks become increasingly complex. Much of the organizations work is aimed toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness as well as performance. The interactivity with Intel providing a high-performance platform is an integral part of achieving the net result. Human Resources Fortune magazine listed DreamWorks as one of the top 100 companies in 2009 (Limelight Ge nerations, 2009). The cultural fate of people coming in is second to none. The company offers a comfortable, safe, and vibrant working environment. New hires are meticulously screened to ensure they are a cultural fit. The campus offers free breakfast and lunch for employees on a gorgeous campus. Leadership takes two paths, administrative management, and creative management. Human resource head, Dan Satterthwaite (Limelight Generations, 2009), believes in face-to-face communication, which means daily employee-manager interaction. A great leader supervises and also inspires. The DreamWorks operation requires vital collaboration between employees and managers. Production schedules, a tremendous amount of change, and incredibly fast-paced operations present challenges for employees. A production supervisor coaches, and motivates the artists giving feedback inspiring their best possible work. Events are planned enabling employees to take a break from the hard work and enjoy fun and crazy activities. The leaders of DreamWorks treat every employee with respect and empathy. Operational know-how and caring for the talented staff remains the core of the DreamWorks business. Katzenberg, chief executive officer, personally offers the job to each potential employee. When the economy plummeted last year, Katzenberg held a meeting with the staff and explained the company’s policy of no layoffs. This attitude of honesty and courage was a hit with employees. The size of Dreamworks workforce has grown over 60 percent in the last four years. Many human resource manual processes will be automated. The company is building a new management development program to grow the next phase of leadership at the studio. Conclusion The purpose of this paper was to References HP. (2009, March). HP technology powers Dreamworks animation. Retrieved from http://www. hp. com/hpinfo/newsroom/press HR Management US. (2011, August 14). State of the art-workforce management. Retrieved from http://www. hrmreport. om/article/State -of-the-Art/ Intel. (2011, August 14). DreamWorks Animation and Intel: Forging an alliance to advance S3D entertainment. Retrieved from http://www. software. intel. com/sites/billboard/va-magazine/issue-02/articles/intru-3d Limelight Generations. (2009, November). RockStars @Work: DreamWorks animation practices fearless leadership. Retrieved from http://www. limelightgenerati ons. com/2009/11/rockstarswork-dreamworks-animation-practices Reference for Business. (2011, August 14). DreamWorks SKG-Company Profile. Retrieved from http://www. referenceforbusiness. com/history2/97/DreamWorks-SKG. html

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The Essay Topic

The Essay TopicCollege essay topics are set for the upcoming academic year, but if you want to write a great essay, you can always try new things out this year. College essay topics for 2020 are wide open and there is plenty of room for creativity. Here are some ideas for your essay topic:The purpose of essay topics is to define the topic of the course and the topic that you want to write. The content of the topic should be informative and should lay out all the points that you want to make. Essay topics for the coming academic year will include many different topics. You may choose to write an essay on whether or not gender bias exists in college life, or on religious conversions of college students, or on the differences between college and high school education.There are two schools of thought when it comes to college-essay topics. One school of thought is that essay topics are content, while the other school of thought says that essay topics are formed. It is possible that the fo rmat of your essay is more important than the topic because a good essay can stand alone on its own.What do you think is more important to your essay? It is possible that the topic and the tone of your essay are equal, but in reality, they could be irreconcilable. In order to produce a coherent essay, you will need to make sure that both topics are clear.It may sound obvious, but essay topics should include your research findings. The best essay topics are those that you have uncovered from your research. However, research is only half of the equation. If you use research to write an essay about your research findings, you will leave yourself open to criticism that you had no proof to support your claims.College essay topics may change depending on your school's requirements. Many schools require students to choose topics in the spring of their freshman year. If you have chosen a topic by then, you can modify your essay with a fresh perspective and focus. Other schools allow the top ic to be adapted throughout the course of the semester.When writing essay topics, it is always important to keep in mind the 'rules' of academic writing. Essay topics should be clear, concise, and neutral. They should be presented in a manner that will not offend or upset the reader. You should also consider using common terms and lingo to make your essay more approachable to the reader.One of the most important rules when writing one's essay topics is to be original. If your essay involves writing about writing, you must be sure that your thoughts will be better articulated when you do not follow in the footsteps of other writers. Writing takes a lot of time and practice, so you need to spend the time to become well versed in the language of academic writing. By reading several different pieces of writing, and by writing your own pieces, you will become better acquainted with the style of writing that you wish to emulate.

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There Are Many Writers on the Internet Who Offer Creative Writing Services

There Are Many Writers on the Internet Who Offer Creative Writing ServicesCreative writing services is one of the best ways to get an edge over your competition. Writing, of course, is an art that can be refined and perfected over time. It doesn't have to be a science. There are a number of writing services on the internet that are created by people who've studied the craft.Most writers today have started on their own and have the advantage of learning the ins and outs of writing from a trusted source. The world of online business is no different. Many people who want to become more financially stable usually turn to writing. Whether it's an article for a website or writing an eBook or using an online business as a great way to make some extra money, the majority of people who create writing services look to get better at what they do and reap the rewards that come from their success. The more you continue to learn and write, the better you'll get at your craft.When you get better at writing, you can continue to get better at other simple things. For example, if you're a freelance writer and you have a knack for writing about something or someone that you can relate to, you can get hired to write about those things. You can tell other people how much you enjoy writing about it. You can create new blog posts to share with others about what you've been doing. You can be informed and contribute to other people's interests.Writing and publishing your own writing is a great way to get things in motion. Not everyone can write professionally, so it's not all about the money. There are a number of freelance writing jobs that pay a great deal of money. People who have a knack for writing do more than just read your work. They will make suggestions to help you make your work better.There are a number of writing services out there that you can use to learn how to write. Some of them are very competitive and they charge for the service but there are some very good online w riting jobs that pay very little. There are also some great writers who are willing to let their writing go out to their followers for free.Some people think that the best writing is what they can write. This is a myth. The best writers are the ones who use their creativity and get excited about things. When you see something that you love and can write about, that will push you to keep going. It doesn't matter what it is because you'll come up with something.There are hundreds of free writing services on the internet. You can find the work that you want to write about on these websites and learn to get better at what you do. You can also get tips on other writing services that are available and your best bet is to hire someone who is in the same business that you are in and will help you become the writer that you want to be.

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What to Expect From Accounting Argumentative Essay Topics?

What to Expect From Accounting Argumentative Essay Topics? Therefore, readers wish to keep abreast of what is going on. Since selecting a topic for your argumentative essay is the very first hurdle you have to overcome, we've collected some suggestions and topics that you could have the ability to put to use for your assignment to impress your professors and secure superb grades! Below you'll find certain instructions about how to compose a comparison essay on any topic, which is well written and are going to have great opportunity to acquire a high grade. Below you'll find certain instructions about how to compose an argumentative essay on any topic, which is well written and are going to have fantastic opportunity to have a good grade. If you have gotten a topic already, it's still true that you must cross a step before contemplating writing. There are plenty of advice you can follow. You are able to observe a list of 25 topics you can select from the one which best fits your assignment. Moreover, several other aspects complicate the practice of writing. Accounting Argumentative Essay Topics Options Persuasive essay is one of the most tough forms of essays, yet is it one of the most favorite professor's assignments. Writing an essay isn't a mean task. Just adhere to the fundamentals of composition writing and you will have your argumentative essay ready. The Benefit A persuasive essay grants you the advantage of digging through a situation. Creating an excellent argument essay starts with a list of argumentative essay topics. Textbooks ought to be free. Persuasive essay topics need a lot of reading and research. Deciding on your topic isn't that easy. Today, it's not complicated to collect info about the examined subject. Even though a comprehensive collection of essay topics on accounting is given here still there are lots of graduates who are not able to compose their essay easily. The website is quite simple to use. At times you might require some expert help with argumentative essay topics. The Importance of Accounting Argumentative Essay Topics Thus, you're going to be in a position to make a wonderful accounting essay. Reading accounting thesis cannot help professionals to be a thriving accountant without practical understanding. As a technical field, it is a very professional area. For instance, it is a pretty difficult discipline. Getting the Best Accounting Argumentative Essay Topics At precisely the same time, it's a wonderful persuasive essay idea. There's always time to return and fix sentences to be able to bring a mature, astute voice to your essay. At length, towards the conclusion of your conclusion, yo u might reflect on the way the essay compares to something else such as modern occasions or the future. If everything is organized in the proper way, it'll be simpler for you to pick a proper approach to writing exclusive accounting essays. The Benefits of Accounting Argumentative Essay Topics To defend your subject, you might recall the effect of overloaded schedule on college grades. As you might believe that to be able to create a great original argumentative paper, you've got to devote all night studying, it isn't accurate. In terms of the subject area, it's best fits Social Sciences subject location. College is for a high amount of study. Environmental problems, such as climate change, are undoubtedly among the most vital ones nowadays, which explains why many students are often given the job of writing an academic paper about the surroundings. Keeping that in mind, it is simpler to understand the nation's cultural diversity and complexity of its history. So be sure t hat you select a subject, which has values in it. Argue that public higher education has to be free for everybody. There are lots of aspects about a sport that may be argued in an essay. Besides presenting the evidence, it's also advisable to analyze the facts. Consequently, it's best if the writer is a skilled accountant or, otherwise, they will want to take on a significant quantity of research on their topic before starting to write. The procedure for getting good argumentative research essay topics is hard. In the conclusive paragraph, as well as a general review of the essay, you also have to present your perception on this issue and end will an appeal to additional research or action with relevance to the topic. As a consequence, you will not lose out on the deadline. The conclusion seals the essay and attempts to close the matter. It seals the comparison essay and tries to close the issue. Think about the sort of essay you're predicted to produce. Argumentative essay is one of the so many sorts of essay topics in which you'll be asked to disagree and have a stand. It is all about arguing and debating on a topic, which is debatable. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it.

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Topics For An Argumentative Essay

Topics For An Argumentative EssayThe topic for an argumentative essay is one of the most important aspects of your thesis writing. Choosing the right topic for an argumentative essay can affect the quality of your essay, depending on how well it fits into the theme of your entire thesis. Some topics are better suited to certain types of topics that may be more appropriate to some subject areas than others.A primary topic is one that directly relates to the thesis and has nothing to do with any other topic or article within the thesis. If you have a high school English student writing a thesis, a primary topic for an argumentative essay would be 'My Great Uncle's House.' Some topics are more general and can be found in any text.Related topics include those that may be found within the thesis as well as the thesis itself. Such topics can include something as simple as 'Franklin's Bay' or something more complex like 'Lemon Food.' Topics can even relate to a specific person or topic.In o rder to make your thesis unique and effective, it is recommended that you use a different topic for each section within the thesis. You should avoid using topics from the same topic in every area. Doing so may just get confusing and overwhelming, and will make it difficult to create a cohesive thesis and an essay that are easy to read.Also, it is suggested that you use a different topic for each argument, or at least two different arguments. This will make it easier to move from topic to topic because you can move between them quickly and easily, rather than having to sit down and re-read the entire essay multiple times.The number of topics for an argumentative essay is up to you. It depends on the length of your thesis and the scope of your research. If you have enough topic ideas, you may even find that you need to revise your entire thesis.When writing the essay, consider the length of your paper and the topics of the essay as well. Do not go overboard with all of the different t opics that you come up with. Once you have composed your essay, it will be easier to follow and focus on the important points.